Case No. Applicant  Respondents Date
NCT/7939/2013/57(1) NCR Vanessa Hewitt 12 November 2015
NCT/19294/2014/140(1)NCA NCR Xanadu Properties T/A Cash in a Flash 25 November 2015
NCT/19294/2014/140(1) NCA NCR Akudle  Kutishiyele 15 December 2015


Case No. ApplicantRespondentsDate 
NCT/662/2009 500/2010  Nedbank Limited   National Credit Regulator 28 march 2011
 NCT/500/2010  Firstrand Bank Limited  Johan Erik Juselius  
   Standard Bank Of South Africa Limited    
   Absa Bank Limited    
   Johan Erik Juselius    
   National Credit Regulator    
  Onecor (PTY) Limited    
NCT/14246/10 National Credit Regulator Deon Winston Papier 01 February 2011
NCT/656/2010/57(1)(a)(c)(P)  National Credit Regulator Christopher Bornmam 15 October 2010
    Bornman & Associates Attorneys  
    Properitas Bene Carpe cc  
NCT/710/2010/57(1)(P) National Credit Regulator  Barry Kotze  15 November 2010
5144/2009 Matile Joseph Ditshego  Brusson Finance (PTY) LTD  10 June 2010
  Makolobe Lizzie Ditshego  Amanda Boshoff   
  The National Credit Regulator  ABSA Limited   
    The Registrar of Deeds   
34793/2008  African Bank Limited  Additional Magistrate Myambo N.O  10 December 2009
    Khumiso Abednego Seketema   
    National Credit Regulator   
NCT 165/2009/67(1)(B) The National Credit Regulator  Credit Care (PTY) LTD  19 October 2009
NCT/54/2009/57 The National Credit Regulator  Denoons Cash Loans  1 October 2009
NCT/53/2009/57  The National Credit Regulator  Kwazikwenkosi Ralph Zulu  28 September 2009


NCR v Johan Walter van Zyl Debt Counsellor  14 July 2013  Registration cancelled; Contempt of Order given;

Admin fine of R1mil plus another outstanding of R15 000.

NCR v Vaidro t/a Vuleka Cash Loans Credit Provider 07 March 2013 Registration remains cancelled.
NCR v Louhen Consultants Credit Provider 04 July 2013 Registration cancelled.
NCR v Lightning Cash Loans CC Credit Provider 24 July 2013 Application to cancel registration and admin fine dismissed.
NCR v Sinako Kontant Lenings CC Credit Provider 11 September 2013

Registration cancelled; deed of settlement confirmed as order;

all affected consumers apply for issuance of certificate it S164.

NCR v Credit Care (Pty) Ltd Debt Counsellor 10 October 2013

Registration cancelled; admin fine of R420 000.

NCR v Rufus Alfonso Financial Consultants CC Credit Provider 23 October 2013 Registration cancelled; refund all past and present consumers within 30 days.
NCR v Dioka Debt Counsellor 23 October 2013 Registration cancelled; surrender all files to NCR to transfer to new DC.
NCR v Season Star Trading 333 CC Credit Provider 21 November 2013 Registration cancelled; admin fine of R1m; Refund all past and present consumers.
NCR v Ndlela Debt Counsellor 25 November 2013 Registration cancelled; surrender all clients to NCR.
NCR v De Klerk Debt Counsellor 05 December 2013 Consent order confirmed as order
NCR v Hefferman Debt Counsellor 24 February 2014

Cancellation of registration dismissed due to procedural irregularity;

failure to prove that Respondent does not comply with conditions of registration.

NCR v Bucksaver Bellegings CC Credit Provider 21 March 2014 Registration cancelled.
NCR v Alpha SCK Mikroleners BK t/a Alfa Konsultane Cash Loans Credit Provider 22 March 2014 Settlement agreement between parties made order.
NCR v Wilbers Debt Counsellor 07 April 2014 Cancellation of registration refused as it had already lapsed in 2011; surrender all client files to NCR
NCR v Capitec Bank Limited Credit Provider 09 April 2014 Application to find Respondent engaged in prohibited conduct and other ancillary relief denied and dismissed.
NCR v Magalane t/a GM Financial Services Credit Provider 14 April 2014 Registration cancelled.
NCR v Hosia Dedrick Kwape t/a Phakamis Financial Services Credit Provider 12 May 2014 Appoint auditor and refund all past and present consumers
NCR v Rufus Alfonso Financial Consultants CC Credit Provider 16 May 2014 From the 2013 case now an admin fine of R44 100 ordered
NCR v Karee Cash Loans CC Credit Provider 19 May 2014 Registration cancelled; appoint auditor to verify refunds to consumers.
NCR v Rustmar t/a Money Wise CC Credit Provider 23 May 2014 Declared to be engaging in prohibited conduct; appoint auditor to calculate and verify refunds to consumers within 90 days.
NCR v De Klerk Debt Counsellor 03 June 2014 Application for cancellation dismissed as Respondent failed to pay annual registration fees
NCR v Midwicket Trading 525 CC t/a Butterfly Cash Loans Credit Provider 09 June 2014 Registration cancelled.



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