Who can complain to us?

Any ordinary consumer may lodge a complaint against any institution offering credit, against a debt counsellor and a credit bureau provided the NCR has jurisdiction. Only persons with a power of attorney may lodge complaints on behalf of another person. 

Juristic (trust, companies etc) may lodge a complaint if the person making the complaint is authorised to do so and the annual turnover of the business or group of businesses is less than R1 000 000, or if the agreement in question is less than R 250 000.00 

Consumers are encouraged to first lodge a complaint with the respective credit providers, debt counsellors or credit bureau before escalating to the NCR.


Complaints we can handle

The NCR can assist you if your complaint relates to:

  • a credit agreement and its contents e.g. interest, initiation fee etc
  • arose after the implementation of the NCA (1 June 2007);
  • a debt counsellors and credit providers;
  • the credit bureau, provided you have first lodged a dispute with the credit bureau,( who has 20 working days to investigate) and you are not satisfied with their decision;
  • over-deductions/ overcharging
  • refusal to issue statements;
  • disputed settlement amounts
  • refusal to cancel during the cooling off period which is 5 days; 
  • reckless lending
  • non-adherence to section 127 & 129, Taking legal action or repossessing without following the prescribed steps
  • PDA not distributing monies
  • Unprofessional conduct by the debt counsellor
  • Creditors taking legal action whilst under debt review
  • Accounts not restructured in accordance with the debt review court order.
  • Creditors terminating debt review
  • Creditors listing consumers while on debt review;
  • Debt counsellors not contactable
  • Overcharging by debt counsellors


Complaints that fall outside the NCR’s mandate

We cannot assist if your complaint involves: 

  • Service agreements, e.g. Vodacom, MTN,  Levies, Municipal accounts, gym etc.
  • A matter that would more appropriately be dealt with by a court of law or another dispute resolution process;
  • A matter which is or has been or currently is the subject of litigation, subject to certain exceptions.
  • A matter relating to administration or Administrators;
  • Debts  collected by debt collectors, these should first be addressed to the Council for Debt Collectors; 
  • Complaints relating to damaged goods, these should be sent to the National Consumer Commission or Motor  Vehicle Ombudsman for vehicles; 
  • Debit orders going off on the wrong dates; 

Lodge a Complaint:

  • Lodging an ordinary complaints about credit providers and bureau send to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • Fax : 087 234 7822
  • Fax : 087 234 7789
  • For 3rd parties complaints on behalf of the consumers, please  click here

To lodge a complaint click here

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